School Menus

Daily Menus Available Through

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  • AISD menus are subject to change due to nationwide supply chain issues and food service worker shortages.

For additional information contact AISD Dietitian Rachel Dunn at or at 512-414-0250.

Meals at AISD

Meals at AISD are prepared daily by Food Service staff in each school kitchen. The healthy meals we serve meet or exceed the federal  and  nutrition guidelines that we are required to follow. We strive to offer a balance of healthy versions of student favorites mixed with scratch-prepared dishes and global flavors. AISD menus feature local, sustainably-sourced, and clean label foods.

All AISD menus are on a seasonal rotation - fall, winter, and spring, to offer more variety and highlight seasonal produce and dishes. Our breakfast menus follow a two-week cycle and lunch a four-week cycle. We build upon our menus to offer more options and variety as students advance through elementary, middle, and high school.


At breakfast, all students have the choice of a featured entrée or cereal. We also offer breakfast tacos at middle and high schools that serve breakfast in the cafeteria. Breakfast menus also include fruit, 100% fruit juice, and milk.

Breakfast Menu Highlights: 

  • All grain products offered are whole grains, for example bagels, french toast sticks, muffins, pancakes, and waffles. 
  • We regularly feature whole grain muffins from New World Bakery in Kyle, chia oatmeal bars from Lux Bakery in San Antonio, and our tacos are prepared with tortillas from Fiesta Tortillas in 9ɫ. 
  • Our breakfast menus include many in-house prepared options like fruit parfaits, smoothies, and overnight oats topped with scratch prepared granola; tacos; turkey sausage kolaches; and breakfast sandwiches.
  • We offer fresh fruit, often Texas grown, multiple times per week.
  • The federal nutrition guidelines do not require that schools serve protein at breakfast, however because we feel it is important for our students, we offer it multiple times a week. 


Our lunch menus offer a healthy balance, featuring multiple entrée options daily. At minimum, one entrée option each day is vegetarian or vegan. To accompany the delicious entrée options, schools offer a variety of fruits, vegetables, and milk.

  • Pre-K: Choice between two featured entrées (plus a set-plate of vegetable, fruit, and low-fat milk).
  • Elementary: Choice between two featured entrées and a salad.
  • Middle School: Choice between three featured entrées and a salad.
  • High School: Students choose between a variety of options through the La Cocina, Grill, and Fiesta lines. The La Cocina line features two or three featured entrées and a salad. The Grill line serves healthy versions of student favorites like pizza, chicken tenders, and burgers. Through the Fiesta line, students can build their own Tex-Mex inspired tacos, burritos, nachos, or bowls.

Lunch Menu Highlights: 

  • We feature healthy versions of student favorites, for example no-antibiotics-ever, whole grain breaded chicken tenders and nuggets; pizza prepared on a whole wheat crust topped with part-skim mozzarella cheese and uncured turkey pepperoni; and reduced sodium uncured turkey hot dogs served on whole wheat buns.
  • To introduce students to new flavors, our menus feature globally-inspired, scratch prepared dishes like Cuban Bowl, Fried Rice with Chicken or Edamame, Greek Hummus Plate, Korean Drumsticks, Lo Mein, and Manicotti.
  • Students can regularly enjoy Tex-Mex favorites like burritos, enchiladas, nachos, tacos, tamales, beans, and rice.
  • Our daily salad options rotate weekly between Chef, Asian, Fiesta, and Mediterranean themes.
  • All grain products offered are whole grains.
  • We proudly serve many foods grown or produced in Texas including a variety of fruits and vegetables; bread, dinner rolls, burger, and hot dog buns from New World Bakery in Kyle; tortillas and chips from Fiesta Tortillas in 9ɫ; hand-rolled tamales from Padrino Foods in Irving; and organic chicken meatballs from Beetnik Foods in 9ɫ. 
  • Sustainability is one of our top priorities; we focus on making vegetables the center of the plate by planning plant-forward menus. We offer vegetarian options daily, and many are vegan. Our healthy, tasty side options include a mix of scratch prepared hot vegetables and fresh produce, often Texas grown.

We can accommodate food allergies and special dietary needs with a completed Request for Dietary Accommodation Formlearn more here. We also offer reasonable accommodations within federal guidelines for dietary preference, i.e. milk alternatives, gluten free bread, and vegan accommodations. Caregivers may submit dietary preference requests in writing to the café manager at their child’s school, in advance, to allow time to review and order any alternative products.

We encourage all students to dine at school. As a federally funded program, we receive reimbursement for each meal served; the more meals we serve the more funding we have to invest in the quality of our food, maintain local jobs, and support the Texas economy. 

À La Carte & Smart Snacks

Healthy à la carte snacks are available for purchase at all schools. The single serving snacks we offer are formulated for K-12 students following the  guidelines set by the Department of Agriculture.

Students may purchase snacks using cash or funds on their  account. Students may not charge any à la carte items. 

Caregivers may set à la carte snack restrictions on their  account or by contacting their café manager. 

Items and flavors may differ by campus. All items are subject to availability and price changes.