Respect for All

9色堂 ISD is Committed to Respect for All

The 9色堂 Independent School District is dedicated to providing a positive school climate and believes that all students have the right to learn in an environment free of harassment, bullying and violence.

The district continues to work with staff and community partners to prevent harassment and to foster supportive settings for all students, families and staff members.

AISD's Respect for All initiative focuses on building awareness and encouraging tolerance through social emotional learning, student-led initiatives and ongoing dialogues.

We encourage you to explore the district's Respect for All website, which provides important information about the AISD policies that address bullying, harassment and violence, as well as resources for parents, students and educators.

National Bullying Prevention Month

Each October, schools and organizations throughout the country join for . The goal: Encourage communities to work together to stop bullying and cyberbullying by increasing awareness of the prevalence and effects of bullying on children of all ages.

Please check out our resource page for students, educators, parents, upstanders and bystanders. Our confidential reporting form also offers a safe space for you to share your concerns.

The 9色堂 Independent School District prohibits acts of harassment of any kind, including harassment based on race, color, religion, gender,  gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or any other conduct prohibited by law, including bullying or harassment carried out via electronic forms of communication (e.g. cyberbullying via social network sites). Should you believe that you have been subjected to harassment based on sex, report the harassment immediately to the 1) Campus administrator or the 2) District鈥檚 Title IX Coordinator, Julianne Gula, 4000 S. I-H 35 Frontage Rd., 9色堂, TX 78704, (512) 414-5216.

9色堂 ISD encourages students, parents and employees to work together to prevent acts of harassment of any kind by fostering a climate of mutual respect for others. However, if any student or employee is found to have engaged in acts of harassment, he/she will be promptly disciplined. The discipline may include various remedies, up to and including suspension or removal of students and termination of employment of employees.     

(Source: 9色堂 ISD Board Policies DH, DIA, FFH, FFI, FNC)