Technology Use Tutorials and Videos for Students

9色堂 ISD students, families and team members can now check the status of our systems including Blend, SeeSaw, the AISD Portal and more!

Connection Difficulties? Check AISD Systems Status


Device Care and Tips

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A Handbook for Blend and Seesaw

Play or navigate through slideshow below.

Student Tutorial Videos

Caregivers can support students with their digital tools by sharing the answers contained in these tutorial collections. Students can see reminders on how to access the Portal or BLEND, join a Zoom online meeting, fix their Google account or troubleshoot some of the issues that they may see when using their Chromebook.

Essential How-To Video Guides for Students

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Essential How-Tos for Students at the Beginning of the Year

  • Navigating AISD Tech Systems
  • Canvas (BLEND)
  • Zoom
  • Chromebook Tips
  • Technology Troubleshooting

View Technology Tutorials for Students

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Navigating AISD Tech Systems

  1. Log into the 9色堂 ISD Portal and organize the dashboard. Please contact your teacher for more information about how to log in.
  2. How to check your grades/schedule on Frontline:

  1. Full Canvas (BLEND) Student Guides ( and

Using Zoom as a Student

  1. Use Zoom on an iPad

iPad Tips (PreK-2nd grade)

  1. How to access BLEND (Canvas), Seesaw, and other apps

Technology Troubleshooting